Yossi Angel, CPA

Yossi Angel is a Certified Public Accountant, Tax Consultant, and Internal Auditor, since 1981 He is an expert in providing professional services in local Israel and international taxation, accounting and audit, higher education lecturer, an author of “Angel dictionary for the business world” and a book series of “CARTA’s dictionary for businesses”.

Currently, Yossi Angel is a Manager Partner in Auren Audit & Assurance, Auren Israel, the Israeli office of Auren International, an international leading firm. Auren international is an international multidisciplinary consulting firm, providing a wide range of services of taxation, accounting, auditing, business consulting and more. Yossi is also a Director of Auren Israel.

Yossi is a partner of Allwira & Angel.

Mr. Yossi Angel has designed exclusive family nature of the companies through the years.

Mr. Angel founded the following companies and projects:

  • Angel and Angel & Co. CPA –founded in 1981, specializing in providing local and international tax consulting, accounting and auditing services and professional opinions for financial departments of the company.
  • Strategy (1982) Ltd. – specializing in providing payroll services, bookkeeping, budget, and
  • Angel and Angel business development Ltd. – was founded in 1987, providing business development services in Israel and abroad and international tax planning.



Partner of Auren Audit & Assurance, Auren Israel, the Israeli office of Auren International, an international leading firm.

Former, founder and manager of “Angel and Angel & Co. CPA”

CEO of Solmax (Israel) Ltd. – international start-up company for R&D

CFO of a group of foreign companies based in Australia and UK

Accounting Assistant Treasurer in Finance Department of Jerusalem Municipality

Senior Budget Officer, Budget Department of Jerusalem Municipality


Expert activity

Israel taxation – Income tax, capital gains tax on real estate and VAT

International taxation and Double Taxation Treaties

Arbitration services in financial departments

Providing Expert Opinion for the Court regarding financial departments of companies, cooperation, customers, suppliers, free-lancer, spouses and more.

Internal and investigating audit’ restoring financial data.

Providing Expert Opinion for the state comptroller, registrar of Amutot, accountant general, accountant of Ministry of the Interior, accountant of Ministry of education and more.



A higher education lecturer at:

The School of Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Department of Economics Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Head of taxation studies at the Department of Accounting and Taxation at the College of Management, Jerusalem

Lecturer at seminars and continuing education programs of The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel for managers, business owners, institutions and other organizations.



M.A. in Business Management, major in accounting, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

B.A. in Economics and Political Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

CPA, member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel

CIA, member of the Institute of the Internal Auditors (IIA)

Accountant and certified tax consultant by the Israeli Tax Advisers Association in Israel.



International taxation, Tel Aviv University

Arbitration training for CPA, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel

Mediation studies, Gishur Nave Zedek

Hotchpotch, liquidation and bankruptcy, Tel Aviv University

Corporate directors training, Tel Aviv University

IT audit, the Israeli Tax Advisers Association in Israel.



Taxation, association law, accounting and audit articles published in “Hamigzar Hashlishi” magazine

Accounting, audit and taxation study materials editing for the institution of higher learning

“Angel dictionary for the business world” – English-Hebrew (part 1) and Hebrew-English (part 2)

6 parts of “CARTA’s dictionary for businesses” – Carta’s dictionary of accounting; Carta’s dictionary of business administration; Carta’s dictionary of finance, banking, capital market and insurance; Carta’s dictionary of administration and human resources; Carta’s dictionary of economics, statistics and computers; Carta’s dictionary of advertising, marketing and trading.

“Dictionary for accounting and business management terms” – English-Hebrew (part 1) and Hebrew-English (part 2)


Membership at public institutions and associations

Mr. Angel is an expert in public institutions and associations’ taxation, is listed as a consultant in the “Hotline”, which is operated by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The “Hotline” offers professional explanations of any tax questions directed by local accountants.

Mr. Angel is a member of the Committee for Non-profit Organizations, Associations and Voluntary Sector Affairs of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.

Mr. Angel is a member of “The Special Committee on Jerusalem” responsible for the revision of cooperation between associations and departments of Jerusalem municipality and advice regarding the best organizational and operational structure.

Mr. Angel is a member of “Committee for Banking and Capital Market Terminology” and” Committee for Insurance Terminology”, the Academy of the Hebrew Language.

Chairman of the “Committee of professional terminology,” the Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Angel is a member of “Information Technology Commission”, the Standards Institution of Israel.