Hi Tech


Allwira & Angel specializes in providing consulting services for companies seeking opportunities of doing business in Germany and in Israel.

Our exclusive services for the hi-tech industry include:

  • Accompanying and assisting clients applying for Chief Scientist grants
  • Creating a legal entity suitable for acquisitions, cooperation and investments
  • Legal assistance in mergers and acquisitions processes involving Israeli and German companies
  • Business development for companies seeking to penetrate the Israeli market
  • Taxation strategy and planning for hi-tech companies operating in Israel and Germany
  • Accounting and bookkeeping for hi-tech companies operating in Israel and Germany

Israel, once a land of orchards, has now become the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. Dozens of inventions created in Israel are used widely all over the world. Disc on Key, PillCam, BabySence, Firewall, Waze and many more have changed the world as we knew it, and the world will never be the same. Israel’s talented and innovative population, government support of R&D amounting to 4.5% of GDP annually, and highly-developed trade agreements, military products and defense industry have propelled Israel to the top of the global hi-tech l industry.

Germany, home to 30 major corporations, such as Volkswagen, BASF, SAP, Siemens all of which are listed on the DAX, is proud of having achieved its status of a worldwide industrial leader. Still, traditional industry is not the only important sector in the German economy. Germany spends approximately $49 billiard on R&D annually, representing 2.6% of its GDP. To a certain extent, Germany enjoys advantages in engineering, design and long-term projects, while Israel has a relative advantage in innovation, entrepreneurship and research. Collaboration between the two countries could produce intriguing innovative projects. Germany and Israel complement each other through their synergy between tradition and modernity, planning and ambition, and stability and innovation.

Indeed, there many German companies that are looking for opportunities to invest in companies developing innovative technologies. Allwira & Angel occupies a specific niche assisting German companies in operating in Israel and Israeli companies operating in Germany. Companies interested in German-Israeli collaboration will enjoy unique services from Allwira & Angel, from guidance in establishing a presence in Israel to help in developing a taxation strategy taking into account the company’s capital structure and its vision.