Legal: Advice and Representation


Allwira & Angel provides legal consulting services, including personal support, from a team of lawyer and partners specializing in all legal issues related to commercial, contract, labor, intellectual property law and more. Our team of lawyers offers our clients vast international legal knowledge as well as extensive practical experience with German, Swiss and Israeli law.


Our professional staff provides legal services in a variety of areas, including:

  • Assisting with business processes, contracts, and negotiations in Germany and Israel
  • Representing clients in court and in front of arbitration institutions in Israel, Germany, and Switzerland, in commercial and civil matters alike.
  • Providing legal support for real estate transactions throughout Germany
  • Drafting and writing commercial agreements and managing various kinds of negotiations, in both domestic and international transactions
  • Supporting global mergers and acquisitions, finding investors and investment opportunities
  • Assisting with the process of obtaining Israeli, German, Austrian and Swiss visas and work permits.


Our attorneys enjoy a strong reputation as experts in foreign law, especially German and Israeli, including expertise in:

  • Banking laws in Israel, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Inheritance law and trusts: obtaining orders of succession and probate in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
  • Intellectual property: registering and preserving brands, intellectual property and trademarks.
  • Corporate law: establishing and registering international corporations, setting up offshore branches, providing legal support for bilateral mergers and acquisitions, contact with the Israel Securities Authority.