Germany – Israel Tax Solutions


Allwira & Angel specializes in providing consulting, financial, legal and management services for bilateral companies seeking opportunities for doing business in Israel. We strongly recommend engaging in comprehensive planning of legal and tax matters before or during the establishment of a business in Israel in order to help you to achieve your business goals and enable you to integrate and optimize your activities in Germany and Israel.

Our accounting team, specializing in strategic planning, legal advice and consultation, provides the following services:

  • Accounting and taxation for businesses managing a Permanent Establishment in Israel
  • Transfer-pricing solutions
  • Accounting and legal consulting for intellectual property rights
  • Founder loans, capital notes and other investment solutions
  • Assisting in preparing labor law – compliant agreements for employees
  • Consulting about legal issues between Israel and Germany

Other services we offer include:

  • Preliminary tax planning in accordance with Israel-Germany double taxation treaties and with Israeli Tax Authorities requirements
  • Understanding the tax liability in Israel for the full project or for each part of the project
  • Setting up initial strategic coordination for Israeli-German tax and financial reports.

Allwira & Angel occupies a specific niche assisting German companies in operating in Israel and Israeli companies operating in Germany. We supply our clients with professional accounting, financing and taxation services. Companies interested in German-Israeli collaboration will enjoy unique services from Allwira & Angel, from guidance in establishing a presence in Israel to help in developing a taxation strategy which takes into account the company’s capital structure and its vision.

We are proud to mention that our clients choose us as strategic partners, accounting services suppliers and business consultants for their international businesses.