Traditional industrial & Real estate


Allwira & Angel specializes in providing a wide range of consulting, financial, legal and management services for bilateral companies seeking opportunities for doing business in Israel. Our local experts supply support and accompanying for foreign companies in accounting, operation and management traditional industry and real estate sectors. Our clients, choose us as strategic partners, accounting services suppliers and business consultants for their international businesses.

Traditional Industry Sector

Israel’s traditional industry has been developing since its establishment in 1948. Israel started out as an agricultural and manufacturing nation, eventually becoming a high-tech capital thanks to the rising of the global world economy. Changes in government’s intervention in the local economy as well as government’s support of traditional industry in development areas and new legislation promoting know-how enterprises have also contributed to the growth of the local traditional industry. By now significant share of 18% of total work force in Israel are employed in the traditional industries.

Germany is considered a capital of traditional industry, including an automotive industry, as well as mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. These sectors together employ about 3 million employees in Germany and generate revenue of 800 billion euro annually, contributing significantly to its local economy.

Israeli government desire to develop its traditional industry sector and Germany’s huge manufacturing capacity leads to significant partnerships between both countries. An agreement between the German Ministry of Education and Research and the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology as well as the Office of the Chief Scientist, which began as a joint enterprise of the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade and the German Ministry of Education and Research are examples of cooperation between both countries.

Real Estate

The average price of privately-held real estate in Israel rose by 8.45% during 2014. While saving accounts are the most traditional alternative investment has an annual ROI of 2%, real estate remains the most attractive investment channel in Israel.

Meanwhile the Israeli government seek for solution for the real estate bubble, foreign and local capitalists look for attractive properties to purchase in Israel. Some of them look for immediate profit by purchasing an expensive asset in the center of the country and some believe in long-term investment by buying less expensive but more feasible asset at suburbs. Other attractive opportunities for real estate investment in Israel are located nearby developing areas, where high ways and industrial area are built. These locations are expected to rise the value of its real estate in near future.

Allwira & Angel team strongly recommend our clients to be assisted by local expert in real estate and traditional industry sectors in order to run their offshore businesses and investments successfully and to bring their profits back to Germany.