Infrastructure Projects


Allwira & Angel specializes in providing a wide range of consulting, financial, legal and management services for bilateral companies seeking opportunities for doing business in Israel. Our local experts supply support and accompanying for foreign companies in accounting, operation and management infrastructure projects. Our clients, choose us as strategic partners, accounting services suppliers and business consultants for their international businesses.

Our exclusive services for infrastructure sector, include:

  • Obtaining working permits in Israel, retainer agreements and payroll accounting for foreign employees
  • International tax strategy setting out for the purpose of avoiding double taxation between Germany and Israel
  • Business development for companies that seeking to penetrate in Israeli infrastructure market
  • Accounting and bookkeeping for infrastructure companies operating in Israel and Germany according to GAAP and IFRS

While Eurozone go in and out economic crisis every few years, Israel as a young developing country, shows positive economic indicators year after year as a stable and fast growing country.

Over the decades Israeli government has invested billions of dollars in important infrastructure projects in purpose to develop country’s railways, seaports, airports and high-ways. Most of the project are tended for local sub-contractors and international engineering companies. Usually both found a Joint Venture for 3-6 years, whereas a local Israeli company supplies employees, local contacts and acquaintance with local industry and a foreign company brings innovative technology and know-how.  The Netivei Israel – transport plan for the development of the Negev and the Galilee, the light railway in Tel Aviv, high-speed rail train of 260 km to Eilat, Israeli toll road, the Carmel Tunnels, power station in Ashdod and Ashkelon and many more projects are still in execution or planned to be executed in a few years.

Allwira & Angel occupies a specific niche, bringing over a vast experience in infrastructure industry accounting, assisting German companies operating in Israel and Israeli companies operating in Germany. We are reputed for our services in one-to-one approach, precision, client dedication, high-professionalism and true partnership.

We supply our clients with one-stop-shop services for business accounting needs, including setting out a penetration strategy whether as a partner or tender offer. Then, according to the chosen strategy we assist in negotiation and signing agreements with Israeli partner or meeting the requirements of a tender. At the last stage, we build accounting and taxation principles for the company, manage its financial, accounting, cash flow and budget reports in Israel and finally we take care its monthly reports to tax authorities. At the end, companies interested in Germany-Israel collaboration will enjoy unique services of bringing profit and dividends back to Germany!