Investing in real estate in Europe?

Have you invested or are considering investing in real estate in

Europe? Germany is the most popular and in-demand destination for foreign investments in Europe.

Want to know more? Come and meet our consultants as part of the Germany-Israel Consultancy Week

אתר אלווירה את אנג'ל קו הקריע תל-אביב

Allwira & Angel in collaboration with AUREN Israel, are giving you the opportunity to consult a team of specialists, who will provide you with consultancy and business solution services.

Date: 30/6/19-04/07/19

Focus: Taxation solutions for business issues involving activity between Germany and Israel.

The service is provided in any of three languages, according to your choice: Hebrew, German, or English

A team of specialists from Germany and Israel, offering in-depth knowledge regarding various taxation issues which you may have encountered as active investors or might be required to handle later on as prospective investors. This is a rare opportunity to receive the assistance of leading taxation and financial specialists from both countries.

Who is this service aimed at?

Our consultancy services are aimed at people interested in investing in real estate or interested in making investments in Germany.

If you are: capital holders who have in invested or considering investing in real estate in Israel and Germany, or only in Germany, real estate holders interested in better tax planning (income and expenses), or if you are the owners of any real property passed to you by inheritance or as part of an estate.

It’s good to know:

Any foreign investor, who is not a resident and/or citizen of the investment country, is liable to pay tax both in the investment country and in their country of residence.

Treaties for the prevention of double taxation are intended to ease commercial business between countries. Israel has signed tax treaties with more than 55 countries, Germany is one of them. The tax treaty between the countries makes Germany the most attractive destination for Israeli investors, thanks to its stable economy, and the ability to enjoy increased revenues, thanks to the treaty.

Remember: Israeli investors are liable to pay taxes in Israel, as part of their obligations as Israeli residents. This comes in addition to local taxes, which must be paid to the investment country, where the relevant property is located. Such taxes include: marginal tax, capital gains tax, turnover tax, as well as more complex tax issues in cases of rent loss, VAT in the case of commercial real estate, etc.

Are you a private capital holder or investing as part of an investment group?

Don’t miss out. Meet our team of specialists to receive consultations.

Allwira & Angel and AUREN Israel’s specialists will assist you with this process, and provide solutions to various tax issues.

You need professional consultants with in-depth knowledge about requirements, who you can consult at any stage of the process. Consultancy week is an opportunity for you.

What are the stages of investing?

As in any process, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end:

  1. Before the investment: early tax planning
  2. During the investment: representation against the tax authorities in both countries, payment approvals, and annual reports.
  3. Concluding the investment: handling the paperwork with regards to tax payment during the sale, and getting tax reliefs according to the local law while shifting investments in the property.

Bespoke solutions for business gain:

Our team of specialists will assist you in finding the best bespoke solutions for you and your personal needs. Reach your goal with the help of the most focused and effective consultancy services.

You profit from:

  • Not needing to worry about the tax authorities in Israel and Germany
  • Taxation solutions regarding both countries’ obligation to report
  • Explanations about how to best save money on taxes
  • Double consultation meeting with two taxation specialists from Germany and Israel

About us:

Allwira & Angel’s team of consultants is a skilled and professional team specializing in Germany-Israel activity. Our team has rich experience of more than 35 years in the fields of taxation, finance, accounting, and business development.

AUREN Israel’s team of consultants is a skilled and professional team in the fields of taxation, finance, accounting, and business development from an international point of view. Our team has rich and varied experience of more than 35 years in Israel. AUREN firm is an international consultancy firm with a broad international network, including central destinations in Latin America and Europe.


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