Germany-Israel tax week for individuals and corporates

Upcoming tax consulting week will take a place on 26.06-29.06.2017 and will offer tailor-made tax solutions to individuals and corporates in Hi-tech and Real Estate markets. The solutions will be provided by tax experts in English, Hebrew and German.

Who are the Tax Consulting Week guests?

Hitech investors:

  • Israel entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in Germany
  • Hi tech companies looking for business activity in Germany
  • Startups interesting in government support in developing hi tech product
  • Startup companies looking for cooperation with German companies
  • R&D companies who are interesting in HR cooperation with universities in Germany

Real estate investors and owners:

  • Legislation updates of real estate taxation in Germany
  • Initial consultation before buying real estate in Germany
  • Submitting reports after buying the property
  • First-rate tax experts in Germany who come especially for you
  • UP TO 50% discount for the personal consultation tailored to your needs

What would you get?

  • Consulting meeting regarding reporting to authorities, German-Israeli tax solutions for UP TO 50% discount for the meeting!
  • Optimal tax saving
  • Peace of mind guarantee with the tax authorities in Israel and Germany

Why us?

  • Benefit – optimal tax saving. Peace of mind guarantee with the tax authorities in Israel and Germany
  • Identity – we are Israeli-German experts providing entrepreneurship, taxation, legal, business and accounting solutions for companies and individuals in Germany and Israel
  • Reputation – our experts bring with them more than 30 years’ experience in taxation, legal and accounting in both countries.

For registration:

Email: [email protected]

Olisya 03-5614126

Thank you!

We will contact you soon.