Any CEO Question – How to bring more money to the business?

For business, money is like an oxygen, less means less chances to survive, therefore the question of “how to make more money” is a question that every CEO and sales manager facing with. This article shows how business can embrace different methods to make more money using a minimal investment. even in a time of crisis e.g. COVID-19.


אתר AUREN מטבעות כסף בערמה


The leading consulting firm Auren brings unique methods and tools that enable business to produce new sales on scales and time frames that fit the most depends on their need or capability.

Creation of new business encourages business innovation

Business innovation is the best way to create new incomes, although it is the most complicated way. The goal is to create new profit from innovative service, product, or business methods that have never been used before in the market. For example, in the hotels industry, nowadays reservations have stopped, and the profits have frozen. In this case, how the suppliers would react to this sharp decrease in the demand, and how they would bring more money to the business?

In general, there are multiple possibilities for businesses to generate new incomes.  An example to one of those possibilities is creating new sales by innovational business methods for existing clients. For example, some companies started to sell their products online and others change the payment method.

Another example of Auren’s method, a hotels industry supplier had different alternatives to increase his incomes. This supplier eventually chose to make a small change in the business, yet an effective one, and with this change, he eventually penetrates the European market. With the help of Auren contacts, we connected him to several companies to start the distribution of his solution to several countries in Europe.

Alternative interesting example in the field of market renewal, a company trying to modify its own technologies to new applications in new markets. Uber, for example, not only drives people, but also provides food in many cities.

When operating revolutionary innovation, you need to consider that all the familiar and known will changes. This method is opposite to the classic method that the product and his process stay without a change in innovational procedures. While, in the other method all new: the product or the service, the processes, the business model and the market as well as its customers. In some cases, even the brand does not last, for example values of the brand not fit into the new market.

How to accomplish these processes with maximum success and minimum risks and investment?

The new method of the consulting firm Auren allows every company to create new sales in different terms according to the capability of the business. This approach active globally in different countries. The process starts in the defining a direct definition of the need, then analyzing the sources and the capabilities of the business, afterword the management team brainstorming for new ideas, from this ideas we chose a few and test them with the international Auren branches. Finally, after reviewing, the process results the best method for the business.

To summarize, especially in a period of uncertainty and a crisis, business managers need to consider new ways to bring money to the business. In our method, achieving business success is possible and requires minimal effort.

What learned in this article?

  • In an unstable time when a crisis is facing us, business managers need to investigate new ways of creating income.
  • There is a method that requires a minimal effort for a business success.

Auren consulting firm brings a new method and new tools allowing every company to create new incomes in different times and conditions.