Bright future for German companies in the Infrastructure field in Israel

The Israeli government invests massive financial and operational efforts in the infrastructure field. A plan for the next year shows a large amount of newly available tenders in this sector.


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German companies have advantage in Israeli infrastructure tenders

Israel’s government operates a special work method combining the private sector. The PPP model or Public Private Partnership, enables private sector companies to join different projects. Regularly, large scale projects with massive investment require special machinery, sizeable working force, and unique engineering knowledge which German companies can provide.

National Israeli Infrastructure tenders for the years 2020-2024

In the next four years, different projects in the fields of construction and infrastructure will take part in Israel. In previous projects, German companies were necessary for various sectors, and they are still part of the project. Usually, when a German company arrives in Israel for a project, it will stay around 5-7 years.

Main projects operators

– Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety

– Ministry of Energy

-Ministry of Water Resource

-Ministry of finance (government construction)

– Ministry of Defense (construction)

-Ministry of Health (construction)

-Ministry of education

Main project and monetary value

Israel government planning to invest billions of NIS on the upcoming national infrastructure projects, most of them in light rails:


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Additional projects:

-Conventional power station

-Alternative energy power generation- wind photovoltaic

-Fuel/Gas pipeline and storage

-Sewage and wastewater treatment plants

-Government construction


The years 2020-2024 full of new business opportunities for German companies operating in the fields of infrastructures. The Israeli government is looking for a German company to assist with unique knowledge and workforce. Don’t hesitate to consult with our experts about business opportunities in the infrastructure sector in Israel.


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