Advantages in the Israeli field of infrastructure

Medium and large German companies enjoy in recent years from an advantage in various fields of infrastructure projects in Israel. The benefit includes both professional aspects, as well as, great opportunity to make significant profits out of these kinds of projects in Israel.



For a couple of years now that Israel is investing vast resources in large scale infrastructure projects. The plan for the next five years and the budgets that the government and local authorities includes also a significant capital investment in advancing these large-scale projects.

A large-scale project of every kind, under either government or private financing, requires the execution of dozens and sometimes even hundreds of companies executing the project. Large-scale infrastructure projects are no different from this aspect.  Services providers, from the core activity of the project and many other related services or complementary services to the project and the leading companies.


From the German point of view, medium-sized and large companies recognize their advantage in carrying out these projects in Israel. The extensive experience of these companies in the required fields, come as a strength; including some special machinery and equipment, which are usually not found in Israel. Large companies from Germany and other European countries that have the required and special equipment and the engineering workforce to get the job done, holds a significant advantage.


The ability to offer a competitive cost of professional experts in the required field serves as another great advantage of these German companies. On the one hand, these experts come with a valuable great deal of knowledge and experience in carrying out large projects, while on the other hand, have the option to offer a reasonable hourly rate for their services compared to their competitors, which most likely will be less experienced.


Allwira & Angel’s business team has the power to help and match German companies with the right projects for the company, the company’s knowledge, vision, and strategy.

In the next stage, Allwira & Angel experts from Israel and Germany will provide the relevant assistance to meet the legal requirements, prepare the tender documents and\or advance negotiations with the local partners.


Many projects can be found in the following areas: Roads, Tunnels, Railways, Electricity and Energy, Environmental Health, Recycling, Clean Air, Clean Energy, Water Purification, Air Purification, Chemical Purification, Communication, Telephony, Internet, Satellite, Agriculture, Real Estate, Green Construction, Hotels, and Tourism Infrastructure.




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International Taxation and Business Development

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