Import Israeli Innovation to Germany

Import of innovation and technologies, from Israel to Germany, in a cost-effective manner. From initial identification of the knowledge to successful negotiations and the adaptation of the activity and the innovation in Germany.

Why Israel?

Israel is well-known as The Start-Up Nation; with more start-ups per capita than anywhere, second only to the Silicon Valley. Israel is a unique society of creative entrepreneurs, with innovative and adaptive instincts, which creates a constant worldview of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Israel is a leading country in the fields of technology and science. A global leader in the cybersecurity industry and hundreds of multinational R&D centers, innovation centers. Among the technology and technology-based products corporations with R&D centers in Israel, you can find Google, Apple, Intel, Telekom, Daimler, Siemens, Bosch, and etc. Every year established hundreds of new hi-tech start-ups.

Israel is first in the world in R&D and VC investment as a percentage of GDP.


The Competitive Advantage

Israel is only four hours away from Germany. Save your time and money, locate the appropriate technology. Rather than, going through the difficulties and time of developing and brewing the product or technology you need.

The ideal match for your advance commercial solutions. The synergy between Israeli innovation and German efficiency.

In addition, there are dozens of government and other programs that provide support for all kinds of joint developments between the two countries. From tax benefits to investment grants, and government & municipal assistance.


The Innovation Solutions

Our innovation services are action-based and enable business owners to develop and manage innovation. Our extensive network of contacts and familiarity with the Israeli market enable us to identify and to locate the partners and models of cooperation.

We can connect you with the right companies, and unique high-tech institutions in Israel. To plan short-term accelerated programs, and to help you with topics such as innovation, presentations, negotiation, communication, knowledge transfer, access to data and tools.


The Delegations Solution

We organize special business trips between Germany and Israel to introduce you to the leading areas of technology and innovation, alongside to familiarity with the unique Israeli business culture.

We will present you to the kind of people and companies suitable for your needs; the industry’s leading innovations, policy makers and key business people. We will make sure you are establishing a long-term relationship with the country of innovation its business culture and people.


Tech Industries in Israel

  • Cyber Security: Homeland Security technology, Military tech
  • Fintech: Big Data, Blockchain, Online Banking, Insurtech (Insurance technology)
  • Creative Industries: Media Technology, Adtech, e-Publishing,
  • Biomed: Biotech, Digital Health, Medtech, Diagnostics, Pharma
  • Retail: e-Commerce, Drop shipping, a supply chain tech, Fashtech, In-store, Big Data analysis
  • Agritech: technology in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and Cannabis technology
  • Aerospace: avionics tech, air-to-ground tech, MRO software
  • Tourism Technology: Traveltech, Hotels tech, Flights tech
  • Mobility: Smart Transportation, Smart Cities, Autonomous transport


Our Premium Solution

Our professional team invites you to enjoy the knowledge and connections we have accumulated expertly in recent years as part of an exclusive circle of leading companies, industry experts and investors. Enjoy a unique and up-to-date information exchange, including tailor-made solutions. You can enjoy access to some of the leading Israeli entrepreneurs, scientists, senior government officials, universities, laboratories, and innovative institutions, development incubators, and unique other business opportunities.