How to sell to the German market using a unique business contribution”

Many times, it has been written about selling the value that the  solution provides and not the solution itself. This action significant to this period. But does selling the value of the product grant the results we expect from it?



Sales people in all fields assume that when we expose the value of the solution to the customer, he will immediately purchase it. If so, why is this not the reality? why are experienced sales people still struggle to bring profitable businesses during this period?

Show them the money

First, let’s clarify what the term of value means. When we search for the term value we can find various definitions of it. The term explanation is usually not quantitative and clear.

Second, we need to confirm how sales people share the term value with customers, so that the latter can understand the financial meaning of it.

In order to find the financial value, we use the term “unique business contribution”, this term accurately describes the monetary value that the customer will receive from your solution and he will know how it will affect his business results via his customers. Customers understand this without further explanation.

In other words, show them the money!


A proven and orderly process

In the Value Selling Organization (VSO) method that Auren Israel applies, there are several ways to convert the process into financial terms. It is an orderly process that involves the customer to purchase your solution as part of the sales method that we apply in business organizations.

The tools are proven, comprehensive and very intuitive, they allow to share the message easily to the customer during the sales process. All it takes is that the customer will share with you his coast on every aspect (like worker hour fee)  with you, fill the information in a chart and the result will be immediate in financial terms.

When your potential costumer exposed to an orderly process as this one, they connect to the financial value of the solution and it is easier for them to make the purchase decision.

It is true that it requires a massive effort from the sales people but, the logic behind it is that when the customer have better understanding, closing the deal with him will become easier and with less discounts on the offered price.

So, what  decision is better?

To give a 10% discount and reduce the salesman’s commission or invest  a few minutes of work? The decision is yours!

To take the best decision don’t hesitate to consult with Auren Israel experts.


Amir Kahani

Senior business consultant

Auren Israel

[email protected]