7th Germany-Israel Consultancy Week Kicks Off: Tel Aviv 2019

The 7th Germany-Israel Consultancy Week is here. Two leading German experts are here to consult and assist you on how to take your business to the next level.



The Consultancy Week is a collaboration between the professionals at Allwira & Angel and AUREN Israel, experts with extensive and exceptional experience in business relationships that include both Germany and Israel. The team will provide you with a variety of consulting services and business solutions tailored to your business.

Date: June 30 – July 4, 2019

Focus: Taxation solutions for businesses with cross-countries business activity in Germany and Israel.

Services: Professional and personalized consultancy services, such as taxation, finance, accounting, and business development.

We provide services in your preferred language: Hebrew, German or English.

Whether you already have commercial operations or investments in Germany, or are considering expanding into new locations, the Germany-Israel Consulting Week is a great opportunity for you to take a significant step towards accomplishing your new business goals.

Do you already own real estate in Europe, or are you interested in investing in a profitable property in a desirable European location?

Terrific! Here is a rare opportunity to get advice and guidance from our team of specialists who are experienced in the many different issues surrounding real-estate taxation.

The team from Allwira & Angel and AUREN Israel are available to provide advice, direction and guidance on the different aspects of the taxation to which you will be subject throughout your period of business activities.

If you are:

  • Financiers interested in examining investment opportunities in Germany or in both Germany and Israel,
  • Property owners interested in better investment (expenses and income) planning,
  • Owners of inherited and/or estate assets,

This is your opportunity to enhance your investment and receive assistance from a unique team during each of the following investment stages.

Stages of investment:

  1. Prior to the investment: Preliminary tax planning.
  2. During the investment: Act on your behalf vis-à-vis the tax authorities in both countries, authorization of payment and annual reports.
  3. Winding up the investment: Deal with tax-related paperwork at the time of sale and obtain an easement for property investment under local law.

Considering a business expansion into Europe and seeking the right trajectory?

Germany is an excellent location for access to the European market. Germany’s stable economy coupled with policies that support development in innovation and technology promote the country’s prosperity.

If you are:

  • Start-up companies interested in German governmental financing support or grants for innovation
  • Technology companies seeking to penetrate the German and/or European markets,
  • Israeli start-ups looking to team up with German companies,
  • Research companies interested in partnering with outstanding personnel at German universities,

Do not miss this opportunity! Set up a consultation meeting with our team of experts.

Do you have an international business?

If your business is active in Germany and Israel, or if you are thinking about expanding your operations in these two countries.

We’re here to assist you.

Israeli or German company?

Whether your company is Israeli or is based in Germany, you want to streamline its operations.

To operate optimally in both countries and correctly further your business development.

We are guiding companies, from many different sectors and industries, who are interested in business development in Germany and Israel.

If I have a foreign company interested in breaking into Israel?

We provide advice and support to foreign companies, in particular from Germany, during their operations in Israel, whether in the implementation of a temporary project with a clear timeframe, or companies expanding and setting up a business infrastructure in Israel.

Our team of experts will be pleased to provide advice and support to companies who are considering, commencing, or currently in one of the many stages of entering the Israeli market.

Your commercial benefit:

Through individualized support, our team of experts will help you find the optimal solution for you and your individual needs to reach your goals.

You gain:

  • Peace of mind regarding the tax bureaucracy in Israel and Germany.
  • Tax solutions for reporting obligations between Israel and Germany.
  • Specifics of how to optimally minimize tax obligations.
  • Consultation with two tax experts from Germany and Israel.

About us:

Allwira & Angel’s skilled team of professional consultants specializes in German-Israeli operations. The team has over 35 years of experience in taxation, finance, accounting and business development.

AUREN Israel’s team of expert consultants is experienced taxation, finance, accounting and business development from an international perspective. The team has deep and diverse knowledge and has been consulting in Israel for over 35 years. AUREN is an international consulting firm with an extensive network of international contacts, including in important locations in Latin America and Europe.

For details and to register:

Tel Aviv office:

Email: [email protected]

Or call Sigal: +972-3-561-4126/+972-3-533-3883

Please visit our websites to learn more about us:  https://allwira-angel.com || http://www.auren.eoidev3.co.il