Successful Export to Germany

conference was held on 8 January 2014 by Angel & Angel Group   under auspices of Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce,   Embassy of Germany in Tel Aviv and The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute. More than 80 industrial and commercial companies which are interesting in doing business in Germany, lawyers and Israeli businessmen took a part in the conference. Panel of professionals included lawyers, international taxes experts, accountants from Israel and Germany. We had honor and a pleasure to host first class international taxation and export experts from Germany and Israel. Discussions that the conference deals with are international regulation, accounting issues and complicated case studies. Members of the professional panel:

  • Dr. Katy Elmaliah, Lawyer –services provider to Israeli and German-speaker clients in a variety of local and international matters of commercial and civil nature.
  • Mr. Enrique Tortell, Lawyer – expert in copyright, trademark law and patent law in Germany
  • Ms Ulrike Blanz, Lawyer – expert in copyright, trademark law and patent law in Germany
  • Ms Cornelia Barnbrook, MBA, Tax Consultant – certified international tax consultant, Germany
  • Mr. Dirk Peper, MBA, Tax Consultant – expert in German taxation regulation, Germany
  • Mr. Carsten Baums, Certified Auditor Tax Consultant – certified international taxation auditor , Germany
  • Mr. Ofir Angel, MBA, CPA – auditor, expert in international taxation, Israel

The conference was opened by Mr. Ofer Zaks – CEO of The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute welcome greetings. Immediately thereafter First Secretary of Trade and Economic Affairs Embassy of Germany gave a few words, and finally Mr. Grisha Elroi- Arlozar – CEO of Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce signed the conference opening. For brief information about the lectures please try:

Business entities and establishment of companies

Liability for defects: warranty claims and product liability

Industrial property rights: copyright law, patents and trademarks

Dividends, licenses and interest payments Germany to Israel

Investment Incentives in Germany

Import duties & VAT

Double Taxation Agreement Israel-Germany