New Markets: Growth and Innovation Channels

Are you an Israeli business in the innovation sector? You should know that Germany supports innovators. Trends show that Israeli innovation is in high demand among German investors.

The Germany-Israel Consultation Week offers an outstanding opportunity for Israeli companies working in the innovation and technology sectors.

אתר אלווירה את אנג'ל - הזמנה לשבוע ייעוץ על רקע קו הרקיע תל אביב

The firm of Allwira & Angel, working in collaboration with Auren Israel, is at your service with a unique team of experts, including German and Israeli specialists, who will provide you with consulting and business solution services.

Date: June 30, 2019–July 4, 2019

Focus: Taxation solutions for business issues involving activity between Germany and Israel.

The service is provided in one of three languages of your choosing: Hebrew, German, or English.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to consult our experienced team of experts, including specialists from Germany and Israel. Our team assists and provides advanced solutions to companies in the technological and innovation sectors.

For Whom is this Service Intended?

Our consulting services are provided to companies in various fields of innovation and technology. Our assistance and consulting services are geared to companies at different stages of their development. These include:

  • Technological companies interested in penetrating the German and/or European market;
  • Startup companies interested in attaining government funding in Germany’s innovation;
  • Research companies interested in high-quality German universities and human resources;
  • Innovation companies interested in collaborating with German companies;
  • Companies interested in foreign investors to take their business to the next level.

You Should Know:

Germany is a popular destination for business, thanks to its stable economy, its openness to technological development and its search for innovation. Along with all this, Germany’s government allows resources through various funds and scholarships in order to encourage the advancement and development of new and varied fields of innovation.

Germany is preeminent in the field of innovation in the European market, with many German companies considered leaders of progress and innovation in that market. German companies are involved in diverse fields of innovation and technology, including: energy, renewable energy, medicine, biotechnology, health, and more. The area of research and development is also quite advanced in Germany and includes collaborations among research institutes and universities for industrial companies and product development in a number of fields.

In addition to nurturing their local economy, many German investors also seek investments in startup and technology companies abroad offering innovation. Without a doubt, Israel is a leading destination for investment in innovation, thanks to its position as a recognized world leader in innovation. Many German companies are interested not only in investing in innovative ventures but also in collaborating with such ventures and in locating and acquiring advanced technologies that will provide higher added value to their products.

Important: Any Israeli-owned company ownership operating outside of Israel’s territory and/or interested in basing any activity at a new location, whether by founding a company or partnership, or receiving any type of grant from a country outside of Israel, is liable for payment of various taxes in Israel and in its additional locale. These taxes are determined in accordance with the nature of the activity and the various factors affecting the company’s business activity.

Germany and Israel have signed a tax treaty which allows for the creation of partnerships and\or different kind of company structures. Nonetheless, it is recommended to have a specialist assisting you through all stages of the company development process when operating in both countries.

What Is the Best Option?

Soliciting partners, searching for investors, or maybe even found a foreign company? If you are confused about the right option for you, Consultation Week is a great opportunity for you.

The experts of Allwira & Angel and Auren Israel can assist you with every stage of this process, from different aspects of taxation through any number of financial issues.

Whatever stage you are in, whether just beginning or well into the process, it is worthwhile to meet with our team of specialists. Our experts are at your service and will assist you with a range of issues, from one-time consulting session to complex processes requiring continual assistance, according to your needs and stage of development.

We offer wide-ranging coverage in Germany, Israel, and many other locations. You can enjoy the great advantages offered by our collaboration with local partners in Germany, combined with Auren Israel’s international knowledge and a broad network of partners available through Auren International. As a result, you receive a comprehensive solution, on both the Israeli and the German sides.

Assistance with receiving grants: We provide assistance with the document submission process as well as advice about compliance with the requirements of different state authorities for obtaining grants and scholarships.

Development processes: We offer assistance in negotiation processes and in the solicitation of potential partners.

Company structure: Our team of consultants has extensive knowledge about all possible requirements and structures, and will provide you with a solution suitable to the nature of the contract, the duration of the contract, and all other legal clauses required in both states for tax purposes.

Inter-state representation: We provide solutions to meet the taxation requirements of both countries and represent you before both countries’ tax authorities. We also prepare financial and other accounting reports you will be required to submit.

Business Benefits:

Our team of experts will assist you in finding the optimal solutions for you and your individual needs. Our focused and effective consulting services can help you reach your goals.

You Profit From:

  • No worries about the tax authorities in Israel and Germany;
  • Taxation solutions regarding both countries’ reporting obligations;
  • Explanations about how best to save money on taxes;
  • Double consultation meeting with two taxation specialists from Germany and Israel.

About Us:

Allwira & Angel’s experts are members of a skilled and professional team specializing in Germany-Israel activity. Our team has over 35 years of extensive experience in the fields of taxation, finance, accounting, and business development.

Auren Israel’s experts are members of a skilled and professional team specializing in the fields of international taxation, finance, accounting, and business development. Our team has over 35 years of extensive and diverse experience in Israel. The Auren Israel firm is an international consulting firm with a broad international network, including central locations in Europe and Latin America.


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