New Business in a New Normal for German companies

In today’s rapidly changing world we are living a NEW NORMAL, today companies are much more challenged creating NEW BUSINESS. This is a significant and complex challenge combining high risks, however it necessary in order to succeed.


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Most businesses in Germany try to act similarly in order to keep their customers, they offer competitive solutions with added value, high level services and etc. All of these actions create a more competitive market.

Therefore, a question arises: if the market is extremely competitive today, then how can you differentiate your company in this competition, in order to consistently achieve success in sales?

After many years of operating in international sales, I can say that there is an absence of reliable and repetitive sales method that is performed by well-skilled sales people and wins the trust of your potential customers.

First, let’s define what a systematic sales process is, primarily in the industry, technology and life science fields.


What is a systematic sales process?

The systematic sales process is a sale that involves several people from the buyer organization and it usually related to a more complex solution with massive financial investment.

Customers can operate on their own, however, due to their lack of familiarity with the process and in some cases lack of experience with the subject, a sales person that clarifies the process will be necessary.

Clients need expert guidance in order to:

  1. 1. To diagnose the status

Customers do not have a system to quantify the lack of performance and the overall financial impact of their problem, some are not even recognizing that they have a problem.

  1. To plan the solution

Customers are not familiar with the variety of options available for them and how these can integrate with their current environment. To get business success there is a need for a process of sharing and brainstorming between the customer and the sales person, in order to reach the optimal business plan.

  1. To provide the result

Clients often do not have the expertise to execute the solution, to implement it and bring the required results. This is one of the most valuable aspects of any solution – and it is under your responsibility.


The three main challenges of the systematic sales process

The systematic sales process has a variety of challenges, however, there are three main challenges when working with customers:

First Challenge: Making a decision

Clients are busy and often challenged by crises and problems. For this reason, they do not have the time to make a decision. In another case, there is a lack of experience or proper method to make a decision. Therefore, our job is to help clients understand and simplify the decision, to ease for them the process. Skilled salespeople understand that we are not managing sales process, we are leading the decision process.

Second challenge: Change

When you make a sale, you ask the customers to make a change in their business, this change is not easy for them and even painful. The customer will not make this change unless there is current pain greater than the pain of a change. Think from the customer’s point of view about the required change, in this way you will understand the situation better and from a completely different perspective.
Third challenge: Value

Customers usually are not able to identify and quantify the value that the solution provides after the sale. Potential customers make decisions based on measurable net worth, yet, they cannot calculate this value without your guidance.

You must assist in all three categories to achieve a successful systematic sale.


Why is it critical to generate sales method?
Why is it so important to have a well-established sales method?

Today many sales people are “knocking on the customer’s door” incessantly. In order to get the customer’s attention, there is a must to work differently and professionally, to convince your customer that you are better than the completion.

With wisely use of the sales method, we help our customers make critical decisions, your potential customers will appreciate you and your ability to help them generate more business in front of their customers, and this will differentiate you as a professionalist in the field of sales. This process elevates the sale to a scientific standard and demonstrates insights at the highest level, it defines the purchase process and customer needs together with higher added value.

Professional guidance and support at the highest level are the key to a successful systematic sales process, Auren Israel unique sales method –”value Selling Organization”, include these values and uses them to reach your company business success.


Amir Kahani

Senior business consultant

Auren Israel

[email protected]