Germany-Israel consultancy week held for the fifth time, this time in Tel-Aviv


The event will be hosted in Tel-Aviv, during the week starting on November 25, 2018.

During this week you will have the chance to set a consulting meeting* with our top tax advisors. Our experts will provide the services, focusing on business tax solution between Germany and Israel,  in fields such as high-tech, real estate, and commerce. Consulting will be provided by tax experts in all three languages: Hebrew, German and English.

This is a unique business opportunity for businesses and businesspersons to receive professional and focus consulting, our team specialized in the business relationships between Germany-Israel and the other way around.

How would I know If it is what I am looking for?

The consultancy week main purpose is for business persons, investors, and businesses receiving tax consulting and solutions.

Such as:

  • Israel start-up companies interested in cooperations with German companies
  • Technology companies interested in penetrating Germany or\and Europe
  • German companies operating projects in Israel
  • Businesses and companies operating between Germany and Israel
  • German companies interested in business development in Israel
  • Investors active in both countries
  • Investors and real estate owners in Germany
  • Investors and real estate owners with issues of inheritance and estate taxes
  • Start-up companies interested in receiving government assistance in Germany in the fields of innovation
  • Research companies interested in cooperations with high-quality personnel in German universities

What are the benefits?

Our team of experts will assist you in finding the optimized solution for your specific business situation.

You are earning:

  • A peace of mind concerning the tax authorities in Israel and Germany
  • Tax solutions to the issue of mandatory reporting between the two counties
  • Explanations of optimal tax saving possibilities
  • A double consultation meeting with two tax experts regarding Germany and Israel

About Us:

Allwira & Angel team is a professional and highly skilled, with a rich business experience of more than 35 years in the fields of taxation, finances, accounting, and business development.


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*The consulting services are provided in reduced prices only during this week