Business activity combined with home convenience

The global epidemic brings with here a global crisis.

Allwira &Angel experts have developed a special working method in the recent years for German and Israeli clients, this method matching situations of lockdown and have a proven success in international activity.




The approach: proceed international business from your secure and comfortable place

The classic method of going to exhibitions and factory tours changed to a different approach which has higher success rates of closing deals.

German or Israeli companies that want to create new business and new global activity can benefit from our approach in terms of saving time and resources.

Business Success achieved in Allwira &Angel because of the ability of the firm to be accessible to the clients together with reaching the international target market.

All of this activity happening without any need to leave the comfort of the home.


The method: creation of new businesses business development combined with multidisciplinary experts

Assuming your company wants to penetrate a new market from Germany or Israel.

By holding several meetings by an online call or by a local partner, we will be able to understand your aiming’s and take actions towards entry to new country and its market.

To coordinate all the activities we will connect you to  our “client manager”, a specific person for this activity.

The client manager will be in direct contact with all of the department managers for the support of your business. The client manager will provide information to the experts of Allwira &Angel, according to your goals and will maximize the business opportunities for your company according to the destination country.


Our multidisciplinary team of experts have specialty on the areas of:

  • Networking, finding tenders, local HR, finding local partners, Business development
  • Adapting the product or service to the market, create a marketing and sales system,
  • Complying with legal requirements, accounting, international taxation, financial support, reporting to the authorities, Provide legal assistance
  • Accompany the negotiations process to success.


To become more adjustable and productive company, exploring new business opportunities is necessary.

Allwira &Angel experts offering two attractive business opportunities for the next period:


Life science and the business opportunities

The leading country in the fields of life science in the last decade is Israel, mainly in the areas of innovation, products and services, development and research.

German companies can enjoy from shortening their “time to market” cooperating with Israeli companies to make a fast and substantial business gap over the competition.

Quick business success can be achieved with the help of our experts, which will analyze your company needs and goals together with you to locate the appropriate knowledge in the market. Our experts will provide you the direction to the right business development that suits your company, for quick business success.


business opportunities in the area of infrastructure tenders and State tenders

Massive capital investment will occur the coming years in the field of infrastructure in Israel.  German companies take a significant part in the infrastructure field in Israel. the reason of this scenario is the experience, the knowledge and the capabilities these companies have.

Execution of projects involves all kinds of companies- from small companies specialized in specific segments to huge companies.

Medium-size companies operating in Israel and local companies that want to expand activities and enter to the global market enjoy from advantage.

Allwira & Angel multidisciplinary team of experts has the experience to create a working method to match projects that will be suitable for your company, with high chance of winning and where your company can gain a great profit.


The highway to success

Availability, innovation, and quality service are integral part of business success in today’s agile world. Allwira & Angel multidisciplinary experts are at your service.


Mr. Ofir Angel

Managing-Partner, Allwira & Angel

International Taxation and Business Development

[email protected]