Angel Group History:




  • Yossi Angel founding the office, Yossi Angel CPA & Co.


  • Establishment of the consulting firm A. A. Strategy.
  • Expanding the package of services and expertise, providing services of strategic consultation, business planning, business recovery plans and more.


  • Ofir Angel joins the office as a bookkeeper.


  • Ofir Angel joining the senior management team after receiving his formal certification as a CPA (Certificated Public Accountant).
  • Ofir Angel expending his professional education and knowledge in the fields of taxation.


  • Yossi Angel CPA & Co. developing its activity and becoming Angel & Angel CPA & Co.
  • The firm specializes in taxation, especially in the field of international taxation
  • The wide business perspective allows the firm to provide its clients with a better quality of services locally and internationally
  • Yossi Angel publishes The Angel’s dictionary for the business world. The dictionary is a milestone in the business world and sold in thousands of copies.


  • The firm expands its activity in Israel, opening two more offices in Tel Aviv and Nazareth. In order to provide a better coverage nation-wide.


  • Yaniv Angel joins the office as an


  • Founding the Group, Angel & Angel Group, expanding the activities of the CPA firm, Angel & Angel CPA and Co.
  • The group is providing a wide range of services alongside personal, professional and uncompromised credibility to its clients.
  • The group joined the international professional alliance of Antea. As an exclusive representative of the professional, network in Israel.



  • The Group has three offices in Israel: Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, and Providing services nationwide.
  • The Group provides various business solutions in a wide range field of expertise, such as Taxation, CPA and Audit, Business Consulting & Guidance, International Business Development, and Complex Strategic Solutions.
  • Specialized in: International and Local Taxation, Business Consulting services and Complex Custom Tax Planning.
  • Department of Tax consultant experts specialized in providing professional services to representative offices, such as CPA offices, tax advisors, and lawyers. The team of the department experts includes CPA, Audit, and Tax experts. The team provides a wide range of business solutions.



  • Merging with the International leading consulting firm, AUREN
  • Auren Israel is the Israeli office of AUREN
  • This is a huge step toward becoming a well-based professional firm, both internationally and locally.
  • The firm provides a varied range of services through departments that are a direct continuity to the activity of the group before the merger took place. The departments are Audit & Assurance, Tax, Consulting, Corporate & Finance. Together the departments provide a 360 degrees business coverage to its clients.


Looking Ahead:

  • The firm has a target to continue and expand the range of services it provides to its clients and will join other departments, which will broaden the activity of the group.